US Ag Exporters Urge President Biden Take Action Against Ocean Freight Carriers’ Practices

71 U.S. agricultural industry groups teamed up to write a letter to President Biden, informing him of the injury ocean freight carriers are doing to US agriculture, food, and forestry product [...]


Will Transpacific Shipping Demand Be Strong Into 2021?

Transpacific shipping is strong right now. Despite predictions by experts earlier in the year that 2020 would see no international shipping peak season, we have had and are in a strong one. Will [...]


Are Ocean Freight Carriers Profiteering from Global Crisis?

A couple weeks ago, we posted a blog about how ocean freight carriers, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, went from being projected to lose as much as $23 billion in 2020 to looking like [...]


Low Sulfur Surcharge Controversy

We promised to blog on this, so here it is... the controversy surrounding low sulfur surcharges. Big news events affecting the international shipping industry, specifically the Phase One Trade [...]


Things Getting Bitter Between Maersk & MSC in Their 2M Alliance

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the world's second largest ocean freight carrier by capacity for the moment, put out a press release on Monday concerning its executive leadership: MSC [...]


SeaIntelligence Says End of Shipping Alliances Would Skyrocket Freight Rates

What would happen if ocean freight carrier alliances were brought to an end?

Many shippers would cheer as they're currently seeking to make such an outcome a reality. But would it [...]


Are Ocean Carriers In Trouble?

"We're all going to go bust," MOL President and CEO Junichiro Ikeda said to the Financial Times about the near future of ocean carriers in the international shipping industry.

For [...]

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