Top 10 International Shipping Blog Posts of 2023!

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What were Universal Cargo’s top blog posts of 2023? Every year, we like to count it down from 10 to 1, classic David Letterman style. Sometimes we do the top 10 international shipping news stories or storylines of the year, while some years it’s all about which blog posts were the most viewed.

Usually, the biggest shipping news stories of the year will be covered in the year’s top blog posts. Of course, if most of the top-viewed posts are about the same storyline (like the ILWU contract negotiations), we’ll go with shipping news storylines countdowns to give more variety. That wasn’t the case this year, with the 2M alliance breaking up, trouble at the canals, and – of course – ILWU contract negotiations and port disruption making the list.

Going with the top viewed international shipping blog posts also means we get an extra bonus: finding out how many guest contributors made the top ten list!

I’ll give you a hint. It’s three. But I’m not telling you who they are or where they landed on the list. You’ll have to scroll below to find out.

I did post these a little differently this year. Instead of writing a little blurb on each post as we count them down, I dropped in our preview links to each story. These include excerpts from the beginning of each post, so you can read and find out if you want to click on the post’s title to read the full article.

All right, that’s enough preamble. Let’s count them down from number ten to the most viewed blog post of 2023!

#10 COSCO Predicted to Take Down Ocean Alliance

#9 The Challenges of Shipping Oversized Cargo and How to Navigate Complex Logistics

#8 ILWU & PMA Finally Resume Contract Negotiations

#7 How MSC and Maersk’s 2M Alliance Split Will Affect Shippers

#6 What Do Shippers Do When Longshore Negotiations Happen Across the Continent?

#5 Explaining the Freight Forwarding Process – 8 Best Steps

#4 Trouble at Suez & Panama Canals as Iran-Backed Attacks Raise Uncertainty

#3 Highly Paid ILWU Workers Want More, So Shippers Pay the Price

#2 Must-See “Sound of Freedom” Depicts Kids Trafficked in Shipping Container

#1 Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of Nearshoring

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